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Narelle Warren – leading industry woman

“Don’t be afraid to do things differently. The norm is whatever you want it to be”.

These wise words come from successful business owner, Narelle Warren, who 15 years ago embarked on a journey with her husband, Michael, to becoming the innovative leaders in the fencing industry they proudly are today.

Combining the efforts of Narelle’s background in landscape design and Michael’s labour skills, the couple became the driven team behind Brushwood Fencing Australia.

Brushwood, a natural fencing alternative, caters to a wide range of fencing design and construction needs. What sets this business apart from others however is its dedication to simplicity.

It’s all about getting back to basics for Brushwood Australia, practicing clear communication and courtesy with customers and most importantly, showing up on time and doing a good job.

The choice to employ staff as opposed to sub-contractors has proven to be a worthy move for the business by developing a strong connection with the fencing community. Expanding across Eastern and Northern Sydney, the business is now the largest Brushwood Fencing company in Sydney.

These business owners have clearly earned their success, having pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to get there.

In addition to the management side of things, Narelle directly involves herself in the fencing design and construction. Aside from some physical limitations, overcoming the stereotypical limitations of being a woman in fencing has been a bigger challenge and triumph for Narelle.

The developing Fencing industry still has room for growth – such as industry recognised accreditation, and the expansion of government support for Brushwood. The licenses required to harvest the product currently make it restrictive for the industry.

Despite this, Brushwood Fencing Australia have high visions for their future. This team’s passion for design and customer service means they’re constantly looking for ways to improve the business and keep things fresh.

For more information on Brushwood and their services head to their website: brushwoodfence.com.au

This story was first published in The Fence magazine.