SmartSpace Kit home electrical components

What are the defects?

The cables have failed some of the required ageing tests of AS/NZS 5000.2. The insulation could become prematurely brittle with age. If the insulation becomes brittle and the cables are disturbed, the insulation could break and expose live conductors, resulting in possible electric shock or fires.

The circuit breaker and RCD do not pose a safety risk, however these components are not approved for sale in Australia.

What are the hazards?

Electrical shock and fire.

What should consumers do?

Home occupiers who are concerned that these components have been used in their homes should contact the SmartSpace support team and they will arrange for a licensed electrician to inspect their home and replace the affected electrical components.

The SmartSpace Support team can be contacted by phoning 1300 985 110 or emailing

Source: ACCC

Featured Image: RCBO JVL5 C16