How to buy and sell your home with real confidence

In SOLD! How to buy and sell your home with real confidence, one of Australia’s leading property experts and buyer’s advocate for The Block, Nicole Jacobs, shares her extensive experience on how to buy and sell your home.

Whether you are a first home buyer, a downsizer whose kids have left home, or are upscaling to a bigger home as your family numbers grow, SOLD! is an easy-to-access guide, with practical, commonsense ideas and top tips.

No matter where you are on your home-buying journey, Nicole helps you to understand why you are buying, what you should be looking for, and where you should be looking. She even helps you decide whether you are still in love with your existing home and if renovating is your best option.

Nicole also understands that many buyers are also sellers, so there is a section on how to choose a selling agent and the tips and tricks of the trade to prepare your home for sale, from where to spend your money to get the best return through to achieving the most street appeal.

SOLD! is all about giving you the keys to real estate success with information on topics such as due diligence checklists, how to work through exactly why you are buying, or whether renovating your existing home makes more sense, as well as buying tips, styling tips, selling ‘musts’ and all of the jargon that goes with real estate, contracts and titles. Nicole arms you with the questions you should ask and the ground work and research you should undertake before setting out to an open house or calling an agent.

As a buyer’s advocate for her clients, Nicole always aims to provide as much information as possible. In SOLD! she will let you in on the process she follows for her clients and help you do your homework to buy (and sell) well.


As one of Australia’s most respected property advisors and buyer advocates, Nicole Jacobs’ passion is helping property buyers and sellers realise their lifestyle dreams. Nicole is a property expert on Channel Nine’s The Block and the most successful buyer of properties on the show for her clients. She also appears regularly on lifestyle and property programs and in the media. She regularly speaks with organisations and key stakeholders to empower and motivate individuals.

Nicole is the founder of a boutique real estate company offering discreet transactions on high-profile properties in both Melbourne and Sydney for Australian and international clients. Also an industry darling, Nicole is highly regarded for her warm, personable approach and her ability and expertise on both sides of the transaction process. These include experience both selling residential homes and helping her clients buy the home of their dreams.

Source: Hardie Grant