Industry backs women in building

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“Today’s (March 8 2019) commitment by the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations and Minister for Women to provide $675,000 in funding for mentoring and promoting the participation of young women in the building industry, is a positive step,” said HIA’s Chief Executive Industry Policy, Kristin Brookfield.

“Any action that can be taken by governments to assist the building industry to mentor women and encourage them to consider a career in building will help to make a difference.

“Women working in the building industry face unique challenges. Programs like the one announced today (March 8 2019), help support women, can inspire them to participate and can help to break down some of these challenges.

“HIA’s Building Women program is offering a range of different opportunities across Australia for women to be recognised, to build their industry networks and to learn from women succeeding in the industry.

“Women are making a significant contribution to the residential building industry, working on site and off site, as trade contractors, builders, engineers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of building products, and myriad other professions.

“The opportunities to get your hands dirty, using your creativity, show leadership and build a career in residential building are endless.

“International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity to focus on these opportunities but it’s also important to recognise that women are literally helping to build our homes of the future every day of the year.”

Source: HIA