Next generation of emergency lighting

Gerard Lighting’s evolution of emergency lighting solutions is all about creating a safe and innovative product offering. The new comprehensive range of emergency lighting has been designed to deliver high performance and reliability – featuring the latest technology of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Gerard Lighting has completed extensive research into Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and endorses LiFePO4 as the ideal battery for the next generation of emergency lighting. “These batteries have a longer cycle life, low-toxicity, high performance, long-term thermal and chemical stability, and an impeccable safety record,” says Sid Gaurav, Category Manager Emergency Lighting, Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd.

The range includes Pierlite and Cellite brands, which feature the LiFePO4 batteries with an on-board Protection Circuit Module (PCM) that offers maximum reliability. The new range is compliant to the mandatory AS/NZS 2293, AS/NZS 60598 and AS/NZS CISPR 15 standards and offers up to four-year warranty on product, which includes the battery.

The Pierlite range offers exit and emergency luminaires engineered for specific applications – commercial, industrial, correctional, freezer, theatre and weatherproof.

Pierlite DALI emergency products use Diginet Emergency Drivers, which fully comply with the DALI standards. They’re self-tested if not connected to the DALI network with a ‘health’ status reported by the bicolour LED indicator.

Diginet RAPIX Emergency Controls ensure the safety and integrity of an emergency system, with its revolutionary automated monitoring and reporting solution. Total integration with the DALI lighting system offers simple to use software and hardware components – making it possible to create a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Whether your requirements demand a unique interior or exterior commercial design, incorporating sophisticated emergency evacuation paths with DALI monitored systems or traditional single point functions, Gerard Lighting offers the future in innovative and sustainable emergency lighting solutions.

Director 2 – Versatile exit LED luminaire designed for wall and ceiling mounting applications. Available with DALI options.
Blade 2 – Stylish, energy efficient and premium LED exit luminaire where aesthetics are everything – including commercial office areas, hotels, shopping and cinema complexes, apartments and hospitals. Available with DALI options.
Stingray 2 – Modern, quick connect LED exit luminaire ideal for interior exit sign application. Available with DALI options.
Warden 2 – Weatherproof IP65 exit LED luminaire in a rugged industrial environment. Available with DALI options.
Warden 2 Correctional – High security exit LED luminaire in a rugged vandal resistant casing for anti ligature project. Available with DALI options.
Firefly 2 – Versatile, non-maintained LED emergency luminaire, suitable for interior emergency lighting application.
Pathfinder – High performance recessed emergency LED luminaire providing omnidirectional coverage wherever emergency lighting is required. Available with DALI options.

Source: Gerard Lighting

Image courtesy of Gerard Lighting