Infrastructure for sustainable growth

“Home buyers and the housing industry will benefit from the steady path that the Budget has plotted for the economy and our cities,” stated HIA’s Senior Economist, Geordan Murray.

“The improved fiscal and economic outlook presented in the Budget should provide the home building industry and its customers with confidence when making home building and renovating decisions.

“It is pleasing to see the Federal Government’s ongoing commitment to working with the states and deliver infrastructure that will improve the connectedness and liveability for Australian communities.

“Expansion of transport networks is crucial to the ongoing evolution of our cities and regional centres. Australia’s population has become increasingly urbanised and we will continue to see more people seeking to live within close proximity to metropolitan centres.

“In order to meet these demands we will continue to see a larger share of the new housing supply delivered within existing urban areas. The capacity of the transport network that supports these communities must expand to keep pace.

“The Government’s commitment to improve transport infrastructure within major cities and improve the connectedness of regional centres will enable housing supply to continue meeting the needs of the community and will support the objectives of the housing affordability package announced in 2017’s budget.

“HIA also welcomes the Government’s decision to boost funding to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to improve the collection of housing related data. High quality, reliable data is fundamental for industry and legislators making informed decisions,” concluded Geordan Murray.

Source: HIA