Sydney home completions record smashed

The NSW Government has smashed the record for the number of Sydney homes built in a 12-month-period than ever before, bursting through the 40,000 completions barrier for the first time in the city’s history.

The figures by the Department of Planning and Environment’s Metropolitan Housing Monitor, showed a record of more than 40,000 homes were completed in Sydney in the year to February 2018, exceeding the previous record set in 2017 by 1,250 homes.

NSW Deputy Secretary of Policy and Communications, Alison Frame, said streamlining of the planning system has enabled more homes to be approved and built.

“This high number of home completions is showing the Department’s efforts to streamline the planning system are starting to take effect,” Ms Frame said.

Parramatta led the Greater Sydney LGAs with the highest number of completions in the year to February 2018 (3,801), followed by Sydney (3,410), Blacktown (3,151), Camden (2,841), and Canterbury-Bankstown (2,592).

“We have also seen the number of homes under construction in NSW increase, with 88,624 homes currently being built at December 2017.

“This record number of homes under construction will have a flow through effect that will see even more homes completed in the foreseeable future,” Ms Frame added.

This story was originally published in The Fence.