Stegbar launches Galleria Wardrobe Series

Built-in wardrobes are no longer an afterthought, but an integrated part of bedroom design that reflects personal style. A well-designed wardrobe can make a striking visual impact whilst providing functionality, optimising space and bringing some order into the homeowner’s life.

Stegbar’s new range of built-in and walk-in wardrobes, the Galleria Series, optimises bedroom space with clever design and flexible storage options to suit any room whatever the size and style. The emphasis on colour and texture, both inside and outside of the wardrobe, can seamlessly integrate with the rest of the home and create a stand-out feature in a bedroom.

Whether building, renovating or just trying to find some extra living space, adequate storage spaces will always increase the value of the home. When planning a new wardrobe, use space wisely and create smart storage solutions to get a beautiful and efficient bedroom space.

Stegbar’s innovative built-in and walk-in wardrobe systems allow customisation to any space taking advantage of ceiling heights, small spaces and difficult corners. New wardrobe technology including textured board finishes, high spec handle options, soft close drawers, as well as adjustable shelving and a series of units dedicated to specific functions including pull-out laundry hampers, trays, shoe and trouser racks keep the wardrobe organised and visually appealing.

“No longer stand-alone pieces of furniture, exquisite finishes in timber prints and realistic subtle veneer embossing on decorative board has enabled wardrobes to look and feel like custom timber joinery,” says Marylou Paino, Interior Designer and Trend Forecaster. “A selection of on-trend colours and finishing touches such as polished or matte brushed handles in traditional or contemporary styles allow you to further personalise your wardrobe and integrate with existing interior styling.”

The Galleria Series offers three unique collections to build a dream wardrobe – Couture, Tailored and Essentials. Homeowners can mix and match between the collections, choosing from a variety of board finishes, hardware, accessories and drawers to suit individual needs.

Couture Collection

The Couture Collection is about sophistication and luxury featuring on trend design colours and finishes. Decorative woodgrain, high gloss panels, and architectural quality hardware in metallic and matte finishes allows homeowners to show off their passion for style and design.

Tailored Collection

With a selection of fashionable solid matte colours and exquisite timber prints, the Tailored Collection has boundless potential for exceptional style combinations. Form and function work hand-in-hand with quality soft close wide-style drawers, striking chrome accessories and a beautiful range of handles that balance boldness with durability.

Marylou explains, “The Tailored Collection is typically designed for wardrobes behind bed walls and walk throughs, offering functional basket drawers and rack systems for shoes and accessories to maximise space and visibility. The colour palettes blend well and compliment bedroom linen and furniture.”

Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is the foundation of the Galleria range and the perfect starting point to build from. With everyday practicality in mind, the simple yet stylish Essentials Collection comes with standard-size wardrobe tower widths and depths, metal-sided drawers and a traditional range of handles. The all-white board colours and accessories are perfectly suited to match both traditional and contemporary mainstream design and offer timeless appeal.

With the help of Stegbar’s design consultation service, you can create a customised built-in robe to suit your look, needs and personality, while mirroring the style throughout your home. Visit for more information.

Source: Stegbar