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Hoselink launches Solar Light range

Watering expert Hoselink has diversified to launch a brand new range of quality solar lights in one of the company’s biggest ever product launches.

Starting from just $19.90, the initial range includes a Decorative Round Solar Wall Light, Clear Solar Wall Light, Colour Change Solar Wall Light, Wide-angle Solar Wall Light, Wall-mount Solar Floodlight and Solar Garden Spot Lights, with more to come later in 2018.

After consistent feedback from our customers requesting a quality solar lighting range, the product management team worked tirelessly for more than a year to produce lights that could stand up to Hoselink’s rigorous quality standards. Each solar light is waterproof; designed to be used outdoors in all weather conditions with no cables, wiring or power adapter required.

Each light comes integrated with a powerful 1.2V 600mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery and a built-in intelligent light sensor that illuminates automatically at night and turns off at dawn for a low-energy way to light up your backyard all night, whether you want to brighten up a pathway, highlight a garden bed, or protect your property with our motion sensor floodlight.

Lights are available in a choice of single or multipack sets and each comes with the required hardware for easy installation.

The lights must be positioned in full sun for a minimum of six hours to operate at maximum capacity.

Decorative Round Solar Wall Light 1LED – 2 pack ($19.90) or 4 pack ($36.90)

A highly decorative light, this round design is easy to mount on the wall for an attractive night-time feature.

Clear Solar Wall Light 4LED – 2 pack ($31.90) or 4 pack ($59.90)

With a clear outside casing, this light is ideally suited to illuminating a pathway, fence or decking.

Colour-change Solar Wall Light 5LED – 2 pack ($25.90) or 4 pack ($46.90)

This colour-changing solar wall light has a choice of two working modes: constant white light or colour lighting that gradually switches between red, green, blue, yellow, pink and white – an ideal addition to patios, decking or entertainment areas.

Wide-angle Solar Wall Light with Sensor 10LED – Single ($19.90) or 4 pack ($67.60)

A wide-angle light with sensor, this solar product comes with two additional LED bulbs angled on either side to create a wider range of luminosity, perfect for driveways and porches.

Wide-angle Solar Wall Light with Sensor 30LED – Single ($29.90) or 4 pack ($103.60)

This motion sensor solar light has a choice of three light settings: medium light mode, dim light sensor mode and sensor mode without dim light to give you a choice of uses.

Wall-mount Solar Floodlight with Sensor 77LED – Single ($35.90) or 4 pack ($127.60)

This Solar Floodlight comes with a large solar panel and 77 super bright LEDs ideal for use as a security light for added protection at your property. It has three lighting modes: medium, dim light sensor mode and sensor mode without dim light.

Solar Garden Spot Light 5LED – Single ($32.90) or 2 pack ($59.90)

Light up any area of the garden with this movable solar light. Both the solar panel and light angle are fully adjustable to allow for optimum sun exposure. Simply push the spike into the ground and turn on. There are three lighting modes: main light (provides a high beam in yellow colour), auxiliary light (wide illumination range in white colour) and main light/auxiliary light (high beam in yellow colour and wide illumination range in white colour).

Source: Hoselink