Celebrate summer with Hoselink

As the weather heats up it’s a crucial time for watering and keeping cool. Sunburnt plants, wilting flowers and dry, fading lawns are all problems to look out for in the midst of an Australian summer, but with Hoselink’s range of reliable watering tools and gardening gadgets we’ll keep your backyard looking in top shape, so you can kick back and enjoy it.

  • Water requirements for lawns vary with the seasons, but as the summer sun heats up you’ll need to switch the sprinkler on more often to keep the grass looking good. Hoselink’s sturdy Oscillating Sprinkler (RRP $66.90) is perfect for watering large lawns and garden beds to keep them healthy and hydrated all season long. The premium metal sprinkler performs even with low water pressure and boasts a number of useful functions including a water flow control, multiple spray settings and a customisable saturation level and spray type. Whether you have a narrow lawn or garden bed on one side, this versatile sprinkler can be adapted for any job. A built-in cleaning pin and fine mesh filter protect the sprinkler from dirt and debris for easy watering year after year, covering an area up to 15m x 12m.
  • Our newest sprinkler in the range, the Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler ($40.90) is designed to work even with poor water pressure, emitting droplets of water in a 360° motion rather than a mist, helping to reduce water waste whilst providing sufficient coverage (up to 6m diameter). The sturdy metal base will keep it in place as you water and can be connected to a second Wobble Sprinkler using a daisy chain of hoses for saturating large areas of lawn at once.
  • For watering garden beds, hanging baskets, pot plants, veggie patches and everything in between, look no further than Hoselink’s brand new 8-Pattern Spray Wand ($40.90). The sprayer combines a multi-function spray head with a long-length wand for extra reach. Turn on with a twist of the handle and position the 270° pivot head to optimise your watering. Spray patterns include full, shower, centre, cone, stream, mist, vertical and flat.
  • During hot, dry weather, plants can really benefit from deep watering and mulching to prevent them from drying out. To water at the roots why not use Hoselink’s Root Waterer & Soil Breaker ($36.90)? Connect to your hose and use the pointed end to press the pole into the ground, squeeze the trigger and deliver water directly to the roots of your plants with ease, avoiding water wastage through evaporation. The accessory can also be used to break up hard soil to help make the removal of weeds much easier.
  • Balmy evenings mean great Aussie barbies and time spent outside, so why not light up the night with one of Hoselink’s brand new Solar Lights? For entertaining areas, you can’t go wrong with our Colour Change Solar Wall Lights ($25.90 for 2 pack/$46.90 for 4 pack). Make a statement with the colour-changing setting switching between red, green, blue, yellow, pink or white hues, or set to a constant white light to illuminate a pathway or patio. With a powerful integrated 1.2V 600mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery, built-in solar panel and intelligent light sensor, the lights use solar energy to charge, automatically illuminating from night to dawn. Purchase our Outdoor Acrylic Double Sided Tape ($7.90) for no-fuss, no-tool mounting.
  • After spring’s growth spurt, now is a good time to give your hedges a light haircut before they start sprouting again. Our 2-in-1 Hedge Shears ($54.90) cutting tool will keep your hedges neat and tidy thanks to its super sharp Teflon-coated SK5 Japanese steel cutting blade and handy built-in anvil lopper at the base. The specially designed telescopic handles have four length settings to increase reach and cutting leverage whilst the soft-grip rubber handles provide added comfort as you prune, trim and cut back.
  • With your garden in full bloom, it’s important to keep on top of weeds. If you’re not keen on chemicals, then why not try Hoselink’s Garden Weeder ($13.50)? Ideal for removing small weeds from pot plants and garden beds without causing damage, the Weeder bears a stainless steel split-tip fork for easy leverage and an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle for extra comfort.
  • Pick up any fallen fruit or vegetables in your veggie patch and keep young plants sated with regular watering this summer. Hoselink’s versatile new Soaker Hose ($13.90 for 7.5m/$23.90 for 15m) can be used spray-side up for a fine sprinkling or spray-side down for a deep soaking close to plant roots, perfect for keeping your homegrown produce thriving. Available in 7.5m and 15m lengths, with built-in connectors allowing you to fit two hoses together, the Soaker Hose can water areas up to 4m wide. Simply connect to your hose, place anywhere in garden beds, nature strips, veggie patches or on the lawn and away you go.

Source: Hoselink