Additional housing is welcomed but must come with infrastructure and services

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The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the announcement that the Victorian Government will release an additional fifty thousand housing lots in Melbourne’s growth corridors but warns that these new communities must be properly planned, and accompanied by appropriate infrastructure and services from the outset.

With Victoria’s population continuing to grow, Victorian Executive Director, Cressida Wall, said there is little question as to the need for additional housing supply.

“It is estimated that Victoria’s population will pass 8 million by 2027 and most of that growth will occur in Greater Melbourne. We congratulate the Victorian Government on today’s (February 15 2019) announcement and will work closely with relevant agencies to ensure that the announcement is turned into reality,” said Ms Wall.

Polling conducted in 2018 and previously released by the Property Council showed that a clear majority of Victorians believe that population growth can be good if it is planned properly. It is critical that the new housing supply announced by the Government is coupled with strong investment in community shaping infrastructure, including public transport, to ensure that the new developments fulfill their potential as great places to live.

“We need to prioritise and plan growth in a way that ensures Melbourne remains one of the world’s most liveable places. Our new suburbs should be supported by transport, schools and healthcare from the moment that the first residents move in,” said Ms Wall.

Source: Property Council of Australia