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Remonda Martinez, CEO of Blue Haven Pools

Australia’s largest and most recognised pool and spa company’s CEO, Remonda Martinez talks about her vision for the future and her time running Blue Haven Pools and Spas.

Remonda was pretty much born into the Pool industry. She was working at Blue Haven throughout her school years and started full time in the business at just 14 years of age.

Eager to learn, Remonda worked in all areas of the business. From reception and answering the phones to lodging council applications, designing pools, working with the builders and building concepts, all the way through to pool sales and after sales care.

Over the years Remonda’s dedication to the business and her ability to work in all areas of the company was obvious to all around her. Her achievements and undeniable passion to take the brand to new heights soon lead her to management. From here her skill set and desire to achieve was unparalleled and she was soon named CEO and became the driving force behind the brands huge success for the years to come.

Today Remonda is in her 7th year of running the largest pool and spa company in Australia, building around 1000 pools every year. She has acquired and managed the transition of over 13 competitor pool companies and runs specialist sister companies in both fibreglass and pool renovations.

Her management style and vision for the future is definitely something to be admired. One of the only women CEO’s in the industry, she has been able to not only manage all areas of the business with great success but also command the respect of hundreds of staff and contractors.

Blue Haven Pools and Spas is known widely for its elephant references that showcase the massive strength in both the pools themselves and the brand. Over the recent years however, Blue Haven has become even more widely known through Remonda herself. She is the voice and name behind the company and is regularly invited to speak at key industry events and to appear as an industry expert for radio shows and segments.

remonda martinez

Remonda also does all of the Blue Haven radio and TV ads herself. A business genius and a marketing wiz, she has won numerous awards and industry accolades for her work in the industry including Business Woman of the Year and Construction Finalist for CEO Magazine.

Remonda is also known for her great work with youth and education. She helped write the course that is now taught in TAFE colleges around Australia for pool building and she sat on the board of directors for the Pool and Spa Association. Remonda has also implemented an apprentice program for Blue Haven that has helped numerous youths shape their future career in the pool industry.

Blue Haven Pools and Spas and Remonda have some very exciting things on the cards for the years to come that will ensure they are the not only the leaders in the market but also the trend setters, worldwide.

With a new website launching soon and video and industry guides that have never before seen in this market space, Remonda is keen to show the world how great the pool and spa industry in Australia is and why we will continue to be at the leading edge of technology and design in pools and spas.

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