HIA welcomes commitment to reduce red tape

property infrastructure stock image

HIA welcomes the Government’s announcement that as part of its move to bring forward billions of dollars in infrastructure, it will also be cutting red tape that hinders the progress of projects that are vital to Australian housing.

Infrastructure such as roads and bridges are vital to growing and maintaining housing supply in Australia. Combined with the proposed initiatives to streamline project approvals through improved digital systems these reforms can assist the supply of new housing and mean more people can get into a home.

“HIA has long argued for the removal of red tape in planning approval processes. It is important that this has been recognised as a priority by the Government. The overlap between commonwealth, state and local government in this space continues to frustrate many projects, adding time, confusion and cost,” said Kristin Brookfield, HIA Chief Executive Industry Policy.

“Demand for housing remains strong due to our ongoing population growth and any productivity reforms the Government can implement to increase supply are welcome.

“Supporting the housing industry to deliver homes in a timely and affordable way is essential to address the home ownership aspirations of first home buyers, to create jobs and to support a healthy Australian economy.

“The inclusion of award reforms is also encouraging. Simplifying and streamlining these still complex arrangements for businesses with employees is critical. HIA is confident that simplification can be made and this will lead to better employment outcomes.

“HIA looks forward to working with the Government to examine other ways to increase productivity to support housing supply and to taking a leadership role in monitoring the pipeline of residential land and housing across the nation.

“There is certainly more that can be done through a national approach to productivity reforms. It’s important for all levels of Governments to look at ways they can support business, improve housing supply and recognise that home ownership matters,” concluded Ms Brookfield.

Source: HIA