Louw Steel Gates by PH Fencing

Louw Steel Gates

Louw Steel Gates by PH Fencing in Spring Flat NSW 2850.

Challenges involved in the project

The challenge involved with this project was to save the original gates by restoring them and increasing security by installing Solar Double Swing Arm Operators.

The gates were in a state of disrepair, rusted in places, welded and painted over many times but the centre decorative pieces were still usable.

The sheer weight and size of the steel gates was a challenge in itself. Paul and Ethan cut the gates off, brought them home, cut out the centre decorative pieces, and some vertical bars, introduced lighter hollow section, a new 40x 40mm frame on both gates, welded all in place then took it to the powdercoaters for a new look.

Once powdercoated he returned the gates, swung them and added Solar operated Double Swing Arm Operator Units, and keypads at entry and exit points.

Products used on the project

40 x 40mm and 20mm x 20mm SHS, Sungate Solar Double Swing Arm Operators XP 200/300 Series , with Key pads , Powdercoating by Mudgee Powdercoat.

The outcome of the project

Customer has what looks like brand new gates and a portion of the price and also increased security for themselves and their tenants on site. Auto openers are powered by the sun and open using a four digit code via a keypad and entry and exit. The client was able to upcycle their old gates with a cost effective result.

PH Fencing has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.