Outdoor Living

Be in awe with this season’s must haves

As more Australians are staying home and making the most of their outdoor entertainment spaces, it’s time to consider stylish shade solutions that can extend living areas outdoors as well as keep your home cool and more comfortable.

“Outdoor awnings can maximise your living space while providing a continuous indoor-outdoor transition,” says Vera Meharg, Marketing Communications Manager, Luxaflex® Window Fashions. “Not only does it help reflect harsh Australian UV rays and offer airflow, but it provides the added benefit of helping maintain a home’s internal temperature. It also protects furniture from sun damage and fading.”

Most of your home’s energy is lost through windows, with research revealing up to 40% of temperature lost and 87% of heat gained in your home occurs through uncovered windows. A sustainable and stylish way to control the heat, minimise electricity bills and add a designer touch to your open-plan outdoor living area is by utilising outdoor awnings.

Balancing timeless styles and functionality, five new models have been launched as part of the Luxaflex® Nordic Series Folding Arm Awnings range including Nordic Access (NA), Nordic Classic (NC), Nordic Rise (NR), Nordic Cross-Over (NX) and Nordic Semi-Cassette (NS2). The new European style awning range is available in three standard colours – white, silver and black, and has a range of sizes to complement any home exterior including terraces, patios as well as large outdoors areas.

“Stopping the heat of the sun from entering your home in the first place is much better than letting it in and cooling it down afterwards. Our new range has been designed to provide solutions for different outdoor spaces such as small patios, apartments and large open spaces, bringing an architectural edge to a home while offering all the benefits shading provides,” says Meharg.

If you live in an apartment, balcony or terrace, the Luxaflex® Nordic Cross-Over awning is the ideal solution. Being space efficient, its cross-over arms enable a larger projection on a narrow width, providing the same shading as wider outdoor awnings. Its optional roller valance provides an impressive four metres of additional shade. Alternatively, the Luxaflex® Nordic Access awning can be used for small areas and its compact and concealed components accentuates a simplistic look.

For a modern and sleek design, opt for the Luxaflex® Semi-Cassette awning with its near full-cassette look. The slimline hood and deep front bar provides extenuate a premium appearance, while the compact semi-cassette enclosure design requires less maintenance as it keeps moisture, debris and dirt away when the awning is retracted.

To create a timeless look, use the Luxaflex® Nordic Classic awning which is ideal for shading large spaces. Its versatility allows a width span of up to seven metres. Suitable for any situation, the variable pitch control can adjust the angle of the awning. The innovative crank control and motorisation makes it easy for any homeowner to use.

Designed to make use of abundant clearance for opening doors, the Luxaflex® Nordic Rise awning has an additional support beam across the length of the awning. Its pitch control function means the folding arm awning can be adjusted to keep the area shaded throughout the day, allowing you to keep cool during the day.

For further information, visit www.luxaflex.com.au