Starting an outdoor project? Dial Before You Dig is the Essential First Step

dbyd april tf 2020

Australia is now in a pandemic with the rest of the world as Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread.

These are uncertain times and in order to safeguard the community, the government has imposed self-isolation and working from home for non-essential services.

The duration of this new working pattern is indefinite and evolving.

As the community attempts to grapple with the gravity of this pandemic, working from home brings new challenges from how to adapt and how to keep occupied.

At Dial Before You Dig we want to assure our Members and Users that we are continually monitoring and acting upon advice provided by Federal and State health agencies in respect to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the continuity of service, and the health and safety of staff and the community.

These are unprecedented times and in order to keep the community safe the government has imposed self-isolation and working from home for non-essential services.

As more of us practice social distancing, the need to keep preoccupied and maintain our physical and mental well-being is imperative.

So, if you are considering new outdoor projects such as landscaping, mailbox installation or new fencing, always remember to use the 5Ps (Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect, Proceed) to eliminate the risk of damaging underground networks.

Infrastructure assets can be anywhere, and underground assets may be closer to the surface than expected, which is why lodging a FREE Dial Before You Dig enquiry and receiving Member plans is crucial before digging the hole to install your fence.

During this time of COVID-19 uncertainty, the Dial Before You Dig online referral service ( and the call centre (1100, Toll Free) are operating as normal.

Always lodge a free Dial

Before You Dig enquiry and always wait until you have received all necessary plans and information from affected utilities before you commence your outdoor project.

For more information and safety tips download the free Homeowners’ Guide.

Download Guide.

Some useful tips before commencing your outdoor project:

  • A Dial Before You Dig enquiry must be lodged at least one business day prior to starting any outdoor project and allow sufficient time to receive plans back from registered asset owners to locate any affected infrastructure asset.
  • If you have a tradesperson working onsite, determine who will be lodging the FREE enquiry with Dial Before You Dig.
  • Member plans DO NOT pinpoint the exact location of the infrastructure asset only the presence. Therefore, Duty of Care must be exercised when working around any infrastructure assets.
  • NEVER assume the depth or alignment of pipes and cables.
  • Always proceed with caution and follow the 5Ps of Safe Excavation.
  • Plans are intended to be indicative only and may not contain specific details within your property boundary.
  • If further assistance is required, contact the infrastructure asset owners directly using the numbers provided on the plans.
  • Consider hiring a DBYD Certified Locator or one recommended by the asset owner if you believe there are infrastructure assets within the vicinity of your project site but cannot locate them.
  • Keep a record of the information and any notes you make in case damage has occurred to an infrastructure asset.
  • Be aware asset owners may seek compensation for any damage caused to their asset, regardless if a Dial Before You Dig enquiry has been lodged. Any type of excavation around the home can cause damage to surrounding infrastructure assets. Always proceed with caution and exercise Duty of Care.

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.