Colour and fencing around the home

Street appeal of the family home is so important, especially if you’re considering selling your property.

A beautiful front fence can add so much to a home. It really does frame the property and allows you to continue the home’s colour scheme, allowing the fence colours to make their own statement, adding to the border of the property.

A simple way to introduce a colour into an existing scheme, and add a little life to your panel or side fence, is to simply paint with a suitable colour.

Often using colour on the fence can add a focal point to a garden bed, or provide a great backdrop for a beautiful tree.

If you have a contemporary home with beautiful lush greenery a dark charcoal can really add a stunning background and treat the garden as centre stage. Have a look at Dulux Domino or Western Myall…both great charcoals to use for fencing.

If you wanted to add stronger colour in an entertaining space, a colourful wall such as a red, blue or green can really add some pizzazz and excitement to a basic area in the backyard.

Think about how you can add interest to one area in your courtyard or outside space by utilising a brighter hue.

Here you can really have some fun with colour and splash out with a green such as Dulux Rainforest Glow, or a deep blue such as Dulux Ahoy.

For darker or more conservative colours have a look at the greys or muted tones of green, blue and red for your fencing.

If you want to really make a statement add a splash of a yellow or green, bold blue, red or orange.

Another area to add some interest is, if your windows look out to a particular fence, changing or adding a colour can really add some excitement to the interior space too.

For a great finish DuluxWeathershield is available in all Dulux colours and is perfect for your fencing.

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This story was first published in The Fence magazine.