Weathertex launches Weathergroove 75mm architectural panel

This slim and strong architectural panel is available in two finishes, Natural and Smooth, each creating a cutting edge minimalist look that’s timelessly stylish.

Weathertex’s strikingly modern 75mm architectural panel is the company’s slimmest profile yet and is sure to be in hot demand as builders, renovators and designers across Australia embrace the finishes this groovy product creates.

Bang on trend and fusing minimalist style with the strength of natural timber, Weathergroove 75mm doubles the grooves of Weathertex’s popular 150mm weatherboard while retaining every measure of durability and safety.

Weathertex’s Managing Director Jason O’Hagan said this unique product pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for every kind of dream home and project.

“We are really excited to bring our slim and groovy cladding to the Australian market. There’s a growing demand for slim-profile architectural panels and Weathergroove 75mm is leading the way,” he said.

“With Weathergroove 75mm now available in our range, we have the widest possible choice of styles available for any project. We love the look our timber panels can achieve and we’re delighted to launch a unique product we know builders and specifiers have been waiting for.”

Weathergroove 75mm is already being celebrated on social media by two of Australia’s leading Instagrammars for construction and design: modern builder Neil Hipwell of futureflip and Sydney-based interior designer Catherine Heraghty of the_stables_ on a recent NSW project. Watch their endorsements and images.

Source: Weathertex