A breath of fresh airer for winter

Winter is setting in and as we come in from the cold and rain, so too does our laundry. Unfortunately, this leads to cranking up the heat and endless tumble drying to get wet clothes ready to wear, which can seriously affect your energy bills.

Investing in a well-designed drying rack will guarantee you can dry as many clothes as possible, efficiently, with however much space you have. While a drying rack is essential winter item for any household, everyone has different needs, from a single person in a small studio, to large families with mountains of washing.

Natasha D’Cruz, Hills Product Managers says, “We all have our own style and it’s important to get a clothes airer to match. Consider the length of the items you often dry, dresses and trousers will require more hanging space, so a unit with wings will be handy. If you have young children you will want more closely stacked racks to cope with lots of smaller garments.

“One easy way to extend the space on your airer and get clothes dry more quickly is to use hangers. This is a real time saver, especially if you wear a lot of dress shirts, as you can put your clothes straight into the wardrobe.”

Laundry specialist, Hills has created a range of innovative laundry solutions so you don’t have to loath your laundry. These trendy units will not only look great and save you cash on your bills, but effectively and naturally dry all your washing.

Space Savers

Make the most of your space with collapsible airers

Premium A Frame Clothes Airer, $49.00

Unfortunately, smaller apartments don’t necessarily equate to smaller loads of laundry, so making the most of your drying space is a must. Look for collapsible options that can fold away easily, like the Premium A Frame Clothes Airer. It’s all you’ll need, with 32 metres of line space and slimline fold its perfect for small spaces and looks good with its stylish matt black finish.

Make a move in small homes

3 Tier Premium Mobile Tower Airer, $59.00

If there’s no one space for your airer, look for one with wheels. They can be put in the living space at night and wheeled to the bedroom during the day. Alternatively pop it outside while the sun shines and wheel it back in before the rains come. Offering 60 clothes hooks and 19 meters of drying space, this mobile option is perfect for those who need to make the most of their space. Its adjustable configuration makes it adaptable to any drying needs and it folds away easily, while its wheels can be locked to keep it in place.

Slick & Stylish Solutions

Make a style statement with an airer that looks like a wardrobe

Premium Drying Centre, RRP $109

For those that want an on-trend, innovative solution to their drying needs, try the new Hills Premium Drying Centre. Like a wardrobe, its adjustable height, extendable shelves and interchangeable shelf rails fit around your wardrobe and wash, with telescopic poles and anti-slip protective feet it’s practical, modern and chic. This is one dryer you don’t need to hide away! It’s great on top of the washing machine.

Go for a premium finish to create an angular look

Premium 12m Extendable Airer, $39.95

This stylish airer is the slickest offering for small spaces with an extendable telescopic rail and foldable design to offer quick and easy set up. With 12m of drying space, in a black matt finish, it’s small enough and stylish enough to fit into any modern aesthetic. What more could one person need?

Family Favourites

Look for sturdy rails for larger loads

Premium 4 Wing Clothes Airer, RRP $59.00

This sturdy four wing expanding clothes airer is built to hold the most challenging loads and is large enough for big families. With strong 4mm bars that create more room around garments, protective foot caps and legs, plus wings that lock closed, its sturdy enough no matter how many kids run around it. As with the rest of the range, it also compacts down to an easy to store size, so it can be kept out of harm’s way when it isn’t being used.

Different hanging options can help dry lots of smaller clothes

Premium 2 Tier Clothes Airer, RRP $49.00

Perfect for large families with lots of washing to do thanks to its 31 metres of line space, this stylish matt black airer features an integrated rail hanger for small items for the kids. It also offers adjustable top tier heights for towels, dressing gowns and longer garments for the adults of the family.

Products are available across Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10 and Home Timber & Hardware.

Source: Hills