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What’s Trending in the Pool World?

Despite the knowledge that the average size of the Australian backyard is getting smaller, our love of pools is still continuing to grow, bringing new trends and innovative designs to the traditional pool.

We sat down with CEO of Blue Haven Pools, Remonda Rose, to talk about what’s currently trending in pool design and construction and here is what she had to say.

What trends are you currently seeing?

As backyards get smaller, we are seeing a huge increase in luxurious pools that don’t take up a lot of space. This is why plunge pools have increased in sales by 200% in the last few years. On the other side of pool trends, larger pools are becoming more common on acreage and larger blocks. We’ve also seen an emerging trend of larger pools integrated with an internal concrete spa which can be easily heated and used all year round. This saves costs in all year bathing by heating only the spa instead of the entire pool.

Technology is also incredibly important in pool design and we are currently seeing more advanced and innovative features that make pool maintenance a breeze. Features such as self-cleaning pools will continue to become popular options as we are busier than ever before and so people want technology that will allow them to spend more time enjoying their pool and less time worrying about maintaining it.

What are the benefits of plunge pools?

Plunge pools are the ultimate package as you can spend more on luxury finishes and heating whilst still having a substantial landscaped ratio. Most plunge pools are custom designed to suit any yard and are also fitted with powerful swim jets so you get all the benefits of swimming laps. Reinforced concrete plunge pools are also now available meaning you can start swimming tomorrow. These “ready to swim” plunge pools are priced from $19,990 and are ready for delivery and installation. There’s no limit to concrete plunge pools as they can also be handmade and custom built on site.

Our plunge pools are also highly versatile and can be installed in ground, aboveground or semi in ground, making them the perfect solution for limited access and sloping blocks. With the addition of upturn walls, it creates a feature piece with a waterfall blade so you get the movement and sound of running water.

What pool features and accessories are trending?

Straight lined pools are in and also lighter water colours such as an opaque Hawaiian blue which creates a visually stunning feature. Darker blues can come across as synthetic and harsh in the current architectural environment, which is why white based pebble and glass beaded textures are most popular, as they reflect more light and still give a gorgeous blue tone.

The infinity edge is also a popular design choice for those with smaller pools and with larger pools we are seeing an increase in the bar and bar stool options. Both of these options are trending right now as they provide that luxurious aesthetic and unique experience.

What is the biggest residential pool that Blue Haven has ever built?

When it comes to designing and constructing your pool, there’s really no limit! Private pools are either humble or outrageous! We are currently constructing a 16m x 5m pool with a wet edge tank, swim up bar, 2m high manmade rock retaining wall complete with cascading pool caves and slide, as well as a 60 sqm adjoining alfresco dining area.

This pool is complete with every designer finish possible, from waterline tiling, underwater lighting, our exclusive Enviro Smart Mineral System, heating, marble bar top, luxury glass bead interior lining and an automated pool control system that’s completely accessible from your mobile phone. The project is worth over $400,000 and was designed and fully constructed by our own team led by our General Manager, Mr Richie Hamawi.

What are mineral pools?

Imagine swimming in your own mineral water at home, water that’s fresh, clean, healthy and infused with magnesium and potassium. Combined with the added environmental benefits, this style of pool is great for your health and wellbeing and definitely the kind of technology we’re going to continue to see in the future.

Are people choosing concrete or fibreglass pools?

Concrete is the traditional and durable option for most pools as it is strong and easy to customise. However, we are seeing an increasing demand for fibreglass pools as they are perceived easier to install and cheaper to build. Neither is always the case. In most cases we’ve seen a fibreglass pool a tad cheaper to begin with but quite costly to integrate with landscaping, especially on a sloping site. Cranes and traffic control will also add cost to a fibreglass pool installation. When installing a fibreglass pool you still need concrete anyway as each shell must be held in ground with a concrete bond beam. At Blue Haven Pools we provide both pool options and understand they each have their benefits. Which pool is right for you is usually determined by the type of backyard you have and how you’re going to integrate your pool into your outdoor living space.

Why should people pay attention to pool trends?

As a collective, most people want the same things. Trends are so important because they bring everyone’s voices together and address the most common issues and desires. While it is important to create a pool that is striking enough to be a feature, you also don’t want to add finishes that will be outdated in a couple of years time. At Blue Haven we believe in designing pools that are not only modern, but also timeless. Design mistakes can reduce the property value of your home as they can make your home look older than it actually is, so knowing what type of pool is best for the future of your home is critical.

In the industry why is it important to stay ahead of the game and know what’s trending?

At Blue Haven we never stop evolving. Continually coming up with fresh ideas and learning new construction methods is important to us as we want our customers to get the very best pool without the price tag. We focus on innovation and custom designs but are also aware that no one wants to overspend, which is why we stay ahead of trends, so we can introduce them at the right time for the right price. This is where our experience of over 45 years in the industry really holds value.

With modern designs and styles available to suit every budget and the highest quality finishes and materials, Blue Haven will help you get the pool of your dreams at the most affordable price.

This article was first published on Beauty News.