National approach to building reforms an important agreement

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“Today’s (July 18 2019) agreement by Building Ministers to establish a national approach to the implementation of the Shergold-Weir Report will assist the building industry, governments and the community to move forward with greater certainty and provides a significant recognition that a nationally consistent approach to improve community confidence in the building system is needed,” said HIA Chief Executive Industry Policy, Kristin Brookfield.

“Whilst each state needs to take on board the recommendations of the Shergold-Weir report in a way that suits their existing regulatory frameworks, it is important that the end result after implementation will essentially be to deliver a consistent approach to the way buildings are approved, to the way building professionals are held responsible and to providing greater certainty for building owners.

“HIA called on Ministers to include in this approach consideration of the current disjointed professional indemnity insurance arrangements with a view to ensuring that once implemented building professionals can move back to a situation where they can obtain affordable and appropriate insurance coverage.

“National guidance is needed to limit the introduction of exclusions which go beyond combustible cladding.

“HIA was pleased to once again be part of today’s (July 18 2019) Industry Forum with the Building Ministers, and we look forward to the Ministers releasing more details on the national approach and an ongoing dialogue.”

Source: HIA