Government’s commitment to the VET Sector is a welcome signal

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has supported the Federal Government’s on-going focus on Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, which sits at the foreground of developing Australia’s future skilled workforce.

“The Federal Government’s announcement today (October 24 2019) of the appointment of Adam Boyton as the interim National Skills Commissioner is welcomed by the HIA. The government is demonstrating its focus and commitment to a reform agenda for Australia’s VET sector and this initiative is a key element of that,” said HIA Executive Director – Skills and Industry Development, Dr Harley Dale.

“The VET sector is the gateway for apprentices and trainees to learn the skills required to build a roof over the heads of both our current and future population. It is vital to Australia’s residential building industry that we get VET right – across the country.

“HIA also notes that the government today (October 24 2019) announced a range of recommendations from the Australian Quality Framework review (AQF) to improve the Australian Qualifications Framework. The HIA looks forward to engaging with the government on this important review, ensuring that any changes enhance and grow Australia’s skilled workforce, attained both domestically and through an appropriate skilled migration program,” concluded Harley Dale.

Source: HIA