Immediate availability of Mobile Hand Washing Stations in response to COVID-19

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Ideas incubator company Think Outside the Square PTY Ltd, announced the release of its first product in response to COVID-19.

Our Mobile Hand Washing Stations are specifically designed to address the need to wash hands frequently for those who work on large sites, projects or with groups.

Designed with the environment in mind, our Mobile Hand Washing Stations comprise of 200 litres of fresh water, hand sanitiser, paper towel dispenser, first aid unit, secured disposal for waste and the ability to turn the tap system on with one’s elbow. The water system allows for the greywater to be repurposed to gardens, plants and other appropriate uses. Because it is a mobile system, it can be moved easily or locked up if needed.

With the recent measures announced in the construction industry, the Lendlease, Northern Rd project approached our people to find a solution that safely allows crews to easily access an area to wash hands, one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus.

It took the team less than a week to “think outside the square” and design the first prototype with all the practical and necessary requirements recommended to reduce the virus spread.

Safety of crews is a priority as everyone wants to keep working and pushing ahead through this time, but the way COVID-19 spreads means we need to ensure our workers have access to hand washing at the ready.

“Within 48 hours of our first discussions the team presented me with their idea, after a few adjustments, the next day, we had a station and now we have ordered 7 for the Northern Road Project.”

“We have had a lot of interest just by word of mouth,” says Paul Breen of Think Outside the Square, “we have heard from day-care centres and schools as well as others who want to discuss if this can be suitable for their situation, generally it is and if it needs adjustments we can do that too.”

“We are only weeks old and launching our first product, it is exciting to see Australian ideas come to fruition so quickly at a time when we need to work together and stay apart because of COVID-19. We couldn’t have done it without supplier support such as InfraBuild.”

InfraBuild supplies the steel for Our Mobile Hand Washing Stations and is committed to innovation, manufacturing and supply of solutions and products to the rapidly developing construction of nation-building infrastructure in Australia.

This product is also going to give back. Rather than making a profit for every station purchased, food parcels will be donated to Barnardos Penrith Children’s and Family Centre located within Cranebrook NSW and The Haven, Nepean Women’s Shelter. The centre provides a number of support services to children, young people, families within the Penrith Community.

“What this product really represents, is what happens when people come together to solve a problem, this can become a daily habit for parks, childcare centres and other public places,” says Paul Breen, “We are calling on creative minds and industries to come together to develop products that will not only work for the immediate needs but for the future, let’s work together to get to the other side of this health and economic crisis.”

Think Outside the Square is working on various projects at the moment, but are prioritising any that can assist with tackling the issues with COVID-19.

Source: Think Outside the Square