All-New Curtain Collection from Luxaflex® Window Fashions is Unveiled

Championing elegance and beauty, the new Luxaflex Curtain Collection delivers both style and substance, adding a visual element of textural depth and dimension to transform an interior space.

Curtains can transcend a design, framing a window to create the illusion of height whilst adding warmth and softness to a room. Designed to effortlessly layer and coordinate with Luxaflex Window Coverings, the carefully curated fabric collection delivers an eclectic range of high-quality fabrics and styles to complete a custom interior look while offering a level of practicality to enhance the home environment.

Layering curtains with other window treatments is the ultimate window covering solution, balancing functionality, performance and style to meet the exact needs for every window, in every space. Homeowners can choose patterns and textures to coordinate and complement, or create a dramatic statement using a contrasting colour and style.

“Layering Luxaflex Window Coverings with a flowing sheer curtain adds softness, movement and texture to the room. Curtains can also filter and gently diffuse the light to bring a relaxed mood to the décor,” says Luxaflex Brand Partner and Interior Design Expert, Neale Whitaker. “Choosing wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curtains can create the illusion of larger windows and bring a real touch of visual luxury. To ensure a finished look that harmonises, pair unpatterned fabrics in neutral shades with subtle, textural detail,” he adds.

Achieving a superior layered look is easy by pairing Luxaflex Curtains with any of the Luxaflex Window Coverings from the SoftShades collection. Start with window coverings such as Pirouette® Shadings or Duette® Shades as the base layer of the window. These offer performance benefits such as precise light control, privacy and insulation and energy efficiency. Next, add the finishing layer with Luxaflex Curtains, giving homeowners the opportunity to expand their design options and create a look that brings a room together while making a decorative statement.

“When choosing the fabric, it’s important for homeowners to determine their space requirements. While curtains may be viewed as purely aesthetic, with a decorative accent to enhance the room’s environment, it’s worth taking into consideration how they can contribute to your light control, insulation and privacy needs,” says Neale.

With a range of fabric choices, including sheer, uncoated and coated fabrics with various lining options available, the Luxaflex Curtain Collection provides practical solutions for everyday needs such as controlling light, temperature and privacy.

Sheer fabrics softly diffuse natural sunlight entering the room, perfect for creating a beautiful softness and a level of daytime privacy, suitable for living and dining areas. Uncoated fabrics are tightly woven without any coating and require a lining, while coated fabrics aid to block out light and are an ideal solution for bedrooms.

A lining is usually layered with a sheer or uncoated fabric, and is available in blockout, thermal and light filtering to improve privacy and protect paired fabrics from UV damage.

As well as selecting the function of each fabric, choosing the right heading style and hardware is vital to achieve the finishing appearance of the curtain. Heading styles create a unique look that can dramatically change the overall design and how compactly the fabric stacks when opened. With five different heading styles, the Luxaflex Curtain Collection has something that suits every taste, from more traditional, structured looks to soft, flowing and modern styles.

Hardware is where functionality meets timeless elegance with a selection of track or rod hardware options. Homeowners can create a statement with a tracked rod to add a decorative finishing touch, or they can opt for a more discreet and unobtrusive style in the U Track.

The ultimate in curtain control is available with Luxaflex® PowerView® Motorisation that allows you to easily link to sunrise and sunset times, to control solar energy throughout the seasons or wake with the sun. The PowerView App enables users to program their window coverings to operate throughout the day with its bespoke Scenes which uses pre-programmed positions.

Source: Luxaflex® Window Fashions