Comslie Business Park project by Fence Co

Fence Co

Comslie Business Park project by Fence Co in Comslie, Brisbane.

Challenges were involved in the project

The key challenge Fence Co took into consideration was ensuring that the boundary of this greenfields development remained secure during installation, while minimising the time the customer required temporary fencing hire. Delivering the project quickly to reduce customer costs was their priority.

The size of the crossovers at the site also necessitated customised gates, so precision was essential to delivering an excellent end product.

Products were used on the project

125m of 1800 high Palisade fencing
2x 9 meter sliding Palisade gates
2x single Palisade pedestrian gates

Oxworks Panel and Post supplied the powder-coated Zeus steel fencing.
Singh Fabrications supplied the five-point fixing brackets, which were selected for their strength.

The gates were custom fit and fabricated in Australia, and are a single fabrication to further reinforce their strength. Anti-tamper fixing were used throughout.

The outcome of the project

Fence Co was able to deliver the project seamlessly, with all custom items measured, delivered and installed in-line with customer expectations. The finished look is modern and sleek – in keeping with the high quality finish of this prime commercial development.

Importantly, Fence Co delivered the project in just two working days, resulting in reduced costs for temporary fencing hire for their client, and ensuring the security of the site was maintained throughout.

Fence Co has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.