6 ways to improve the view from your window

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our homes over the past 18 months and a lot of our interaction with the outside world has been through our windows. This isn’t ideal if your outlook is not the best so Stuart Clark, windows expert at, shares his top tips for improving the view from your window.

Fake it until you make it

The fake window challenge on TikTok saw users get amazing views for very little effort. To copy the trend, you need to project a video or image of a window scene on a blank wall in your home. It could be a beach outlook, a view of the city or your favourite landmark. If you don’t have a projector, you can secure a print of a scene to your real window around the edges.

Go bold with dressings

Dramatic dressings can embellish and frame a boring window and also add character to your home. Perfect for windows of all shapes and sizes, curtains and drapes are a timeless classic or practical roller blinds complement and enhance almost any home including contemporary, classic and period styles. If you really don’t like your view, cover it up with sheer curtains which will conceal the outside whilst still letting light in.

Use distractions Hanging bunting across the top of your window or using nature and placing flowers on your window sill will create a focal point and brighten up your window. If you have limited space, you could hang plants from the ceiling in front of your window at different heights which will obscure your view whilst ensuring you still get light in your room.

Stained glass

Stained glass can suit any home as designs can be traditional or more modern. You could lean a few beautiful stained glass designs in your window or totally cover certain panels which can partially obscure your view but still let the light in.

Reinvent your outside space

If you have any space outside your window you could add some bright upcycled furniture or some colourful plants to enhance the view. Alternatively other decorative features like fairy lights don’t take up any space but can create a cosy and homely ambiance. If there’s something from your neighbours house or garden that makes your view worse, perhaps try speaking with them to explain your situation.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are great at deflecting attention away from less desirable views out of your window. If you have space next to your window, putting a mirror there will reflect items from the other side of the room like a pretty painting or some flowers. Mirrors can also reflect light and make smaller spaces appear larger.

Source: Victory Curtains and Blinds