Breaking down borders for Victoria’s small businesses

The Victorian Government has announced a new project to simplify cross-border regulations and make it easier for small businesses in heavy vehicles and trades to do business in NSW.

At a multi-government event in Wodonga, Victorian Minister for Small Business Philip Dalidakis announced that he will work with Federal Minister for Small and Family Business Craig Laundy and NSW Minister for Small Business John Barilaro to get the project off the ground.

The project will cut red tape so small businesses in Victoria and NSW can work easily across the border.

Current regulations mean some Victorian businesses need two or more accreditations to do business across the border – hindering economic growth, hurting bottom lines and affecting local communities.

The new project will simplify regulations, freeing up time so more small businesses can grow, contribute to the economy and create jobs in regional Victoria.

The Government has been a strong advocate for removing barriers that hinder small businesses close to the Victoria and NSW border – a move supported by both NSW and the Commonwealth.

The Government has slashed red tape by 25 per cent and eased regulations for small businesses, making life easier for the state’s more than 576,000 small businesses.

The Government has also led initiatives including the Small Business Regulation Review, the Australian Supplier Payment Code and payroll tax cuts to give small businesses a fair go.

Small businesses are the backbone of Victoria’s economy, generating one third of goods and services output and making up more than half of the state’s private sector jobs.

Source: Vic Government