State Budget expands affordable housing delivery

“The Tasmanian Government’s commitment in the budget to deliver more affordable housing is a welcome step in supporting housing affordability for low income households,” said HIA Acting Executive Director, Tasmania Mike Hermon.

“The implementation of Stage II of the Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy to increase the supply of affordable housing, combined with support for apprentices through payroll tax cuts, extending the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty concessions, will all contribute to the strength of the Tasmanian economy in the year ahead.

Stage II of the Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy will provide an additional 1500 new affordable homes and is expected to continue providing up to 900 full-time equivalent jobs in building and construction.

“Other changes to Payroll Tax predicted to create 650 jobs by saving small and medium size businesses up to $15,750 a year and extending the payroll tax rebate scheme and small business grants until 2021 are expected to support around 4500 apprentices and trainees and will help ease pressure on business in taking on an apprentice.”

Source: HIA