Australian Infrastructure Plan progress report

The progress report released on the key recommendations of the 2016 Australian Infrastructure Plan shows that we are heading in the right direction but more needs to be done to create great Australian cities.

Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australia, Ken Morrison, welcomed the release of the progress report and acknowledged the vital role of Infrastructure Australia in advising on our infrastructure priorities.

‘Progress is being made in planning, funding and building the infrastructure projects we need to support a growing Australia and to ensure our future productivity and economic prosperity,’ Mr Morrison said.

‘The findings of the progress report on governance reform are particularly important as our four largest cities will account for 75 per cent of our population growth.

‘Getting the governance right for our metropolitan areas is absolutely essential if we are to create great cities that are prosperous, vibrant and inclusive.

‘This was a key finding of the Creating Great Australian Cities project recently launched by the Property Council and is underscored by the experience of comparable cities globally,’ Mr Morrison said.

The progress report notes there has been some progress in establishing institutions or processes that enable improved metropolitan-scale coordination, planning and delivery, particularly in our largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

While there has been positive developments in Brisbane and Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have not taken specific action towards establishing metropolitan-scale governance institutions. The report notes that improved metropolitan planning and coordination at the state level is progressing in these cities.

Mr Morrison said the progress report underscored the value of the City Deals approach which brings together all three levels of government in planning and prioritising projects for urban areas.

‘We need to be more ambitious for our City Deals above and beyond those already announced and make them an integral part of our metropolitan ambitions,’ Mr Morrison said.

Source: Property Council of Australia