Corinthian extends its Blonde Oak entrance door range with new on-trend designs

With a focus on making a great first impression, Corinthian has added several fresh styles to its Blonde Oak collection, to emphasise the beauty of its light & pure appearance.

Crafted from solid sustainable timber, the Blonde Oak Collection now offers 11 versatile designs, with clear and translucent glass panel options available across the range. Standard entrance and wide stile pivot door sizes also provide even more choice for consumers’ to express their individual styles from contemporary to traditional. The light American White Oak veneer acts as a blank canvas, with the freedom to choose a light or dark finish, opening up a world of design possibilities.

Interior designer, Sally Klopper of Sally Caroline Interior Design says, “The Blonde Oak Collection has been created with purity in mind; the ability to develop a single, unified theme throughout your home. This visual consistency is crucial to interior design as it reflects a sense of calm – in turn, giving your home a more refined finish. The versatility of the new range means it can be adapted to honour any home style, now or in the future. The quality craftsmanship and materials mean that your door will look great now and can be refinished to create a new appearance if you choose to renovate.”

Here Sally opens the door to some of her favourite looks and how a front door can really make an entrance.


Forget fussy fashions, ‘less is more’ has become a universal design concept. This look is typified by refined simple lines, quality finishes, neutral colours and clean-cut edges. Corinthian’s City pivot door adorns an almost sparse exterior, using vertical glass panels to give the illusion of height and a rich brown shade to the door becomes the understated focal point of a modern home.

“People are often drawn to minimalist interior style for its effortless simplicity, but it’s actually the contrast of tones, proportions and lighting that make the look. Try experimenting with different glass panelling to cast defining shadows in your entrance, and if architecturally equipped, choose a pivot door for a bolder opening to the home.”

Modern Country:

Modern country inspired homes reflect a sense of warmth and light, by marrying warm colours like creamy whites and chestnut browns, defined by strong timber accents throughout the home.

“The Corinthian Blonde Oak door collection has a true Country style offering. The American White Oak veneer frame harmonises with a beautiful stone facade creating a seamless experience as you walk through the door. An open panel of clear glass allows light to fill the entrance, creating a cosy atmosphere in the home. Alternatively, frosted glass offers privacy for homes with direct visibility of the interior”.


More than just a style, the coastal look is a way of life. Everything from the weatherboard, to the doors and windows take their aesthetic cues from the coastline and sunny skies.

“Corinthian’s Blonde Oak Coastal doors reflect the beautiful Australian shoreline. The sandy colours of the door embody the natural landscape, while horizontal panels accentuate the shadow lines of the weatherboard. For a twist – try making a statement with a blue base stained door, drawing upon tones the sea and sky.”

The Blonde Oak Collection is designed to be versatile enough for a range of architectural styles, allowing homeowners to set the tone of their home and creating a feeling of consistency. The range uses traditional stile and rail joinery techniques and meets BAL 12.5 requirements.

Corinthian Blonde Oak Collection is available from all good reseller stores across Australia.

Source: Corinthian