Australia leads the way as green building booms globally

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Australia continues to lead the world’s green building sector with further growth predicted over the next three years, according to a new global report.

The World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report, released by Dodge Data and Analytics, indicates support for the green building sector is growing globally, with organisations across the construction industry shifting towards more sustainable materials and practices.

It noted third-party certification systems such as the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star rating system were being used to make buildings perform more efficiently yielding both commercial and environmental gains.

“The drivers for green building in Australia are noted as market demand, client demand and improving occupant health and wellbeing.” the report states.

“Australia is also notably higher than the global average for each of these factors, demonstrating the sway they have on encouraging the green building market in this country.”

More than 2000 industry stakeholders across 86 countries, including architects, engineers, contractors, owners, consultants and investors, were surveyed for the report, including GBCA members.

It found 94% of Australian respondents are involved in green building projects, and the majority (67%) report at least a moderate level of green activity, with 30% share or more of their work in the sector. Notably, 46% of respondents reported more than 60% of their projects were in the green building space, the highest of any country, and 64% expected by 2021 the majority of their work would be in green building.

GBCA Chief Executive Officer Romilly Madew said the results were a testament to the continued commitment and leadership of the Australian property sector to sustainably transform the built environment.

“Australia’s green building sector is continuing to innovate and is leading the world,” Ms Madew said.

“The GBCA and its Green Star rating system continue to support the industry to set and maintain ambitious sustainability standards and provide guidance in the delivery of better outcomes on the ground for building owners, tenants, users and the broader community.

“2018 has been monumental for the GBCA and we certified our 2000th Green Star project.

“Understandably, commercial property continues to perform strongly in the adoption of green building in Australia driven by world-leading investor and market demand. Thirty-seven percent of Australia’s office space is now Green Star certified.

“As green building expands we see huge growth opportunities in social infrastructure, led through government procurement, and in the residential sector.

“Investor demand to effectively manage climate risk and meet ambitious carbon reduction targets continues to be a major driver for green building. Increasingly though, there is a realisation of the wider social and economic benefits from a holistic approach to sustainability, for example improvements in health and well-being, amenity and liveability.

“The GBCA will continue to work with government and industry to ensure Australia continues to realise the benefits of its global leadership as evidenced in this report.”

Source: GBCA