Adelaide backs bigger population … if it’s properly planned

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Landmark polling has revealed that 74% of Adelaideans believe population growth is good, as long as it’s properly planned.

The Property Council-commissioned poll – conducted by Essential Research – took place between 13 and 23 November 2018 and canvassed the views of 414 metropolitan and regional South Australians with a maximum margin of error of ±4.8%. Almost 3,000 respondents participated nationally.

These results are being released ahead of the COAG meeting in Adelaide, where Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments will discuss a new framework for better planning to manage population growth.

Nearly three quarters of people living in Adelaide believe population growth can be good as long as it is planned properly, while 73% believe that growing pains are often the result of governments failing to plan properly.

“People who call Adelaide ‘home’ are overwhelmingly supportive of opening our doors to more future residents and taxpayers – as long as it’s planned properly,” said Property Council SA Executive Director Daniel Gannon.

“At a time when Victoria’s population grows by more people every 27 days than South Australia grows across the year, we need policy-makers across all tiers of government to fully appreciate the economic challenge ahead.”

Mr Gannon said the poll results also revealed the following:

  • 70% of respondents believe that cities can sustain a larger population as long as they get the infrastructure right.
  • 36% believe that Adelaide’s population is growing too fast, while 70% of Sydneysiders and 72% of Melbournians believe their cities are growing too quickly.
  • 73% believe that growth in our cities, towns and regions can be good if it’s managed properly.
  • 68% believe that we need better planning to accommodate growth that preserves and enhances the liveability of our cities.
  • 70% believe that good growth can create great places for people that are vibrant, easy to get to, affordable, a good place to live, and safe.

“As COAG sits down to discuss Australia’s future challenges, our leaders should feel comfortable in the knowledge that people back population growth in a planned manner.

“Adelaideans have thrown down the gauntlet for all levels of government – get on with the job of planning and investing for a growing South Australia.”

Mr Gannon said these findings follow a Property Council poll in August 2018, which found that 63% of South Australians believe the state will benefit from migration and 65% believe the state has the capacity to successfully accommodate a bigger population if it is well managed and properly planned.

Source: Property Council of Australia