Procurement changes for works to further boost local businesses

works procurement

The WA Government will implement changes to procurement of works contracts from today (July 22 2020) to make it easier for local businesses to work with government agencies.

The WA Department of Finance will provide a co-ordinated response with agencies to introduce changes to works procurement that includes:

  • allowing agencies to purchase direct from a local business up to $250,000;
  • lifting the threshold for public tender processes up to $500,000 when at least one local business is involved; and
  • enabling agencies to obtain written quotations, in place of a tender, between $250,000 and $500,000, where one or more local businesses can supply.

These are temporary changes established under the Procurement Act 2020 (the Act) to boost the local economy and businesses during the pandemic. These changes will be in place until the end of 2020.

The Act establishes a cohesive procurement framework for all government agencies and will help accelerate the State’s economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To further assist during the COVID-19 pandemic, agencies are also required to consider how their procurement processes will impact local businesses and if programs of work can be made more accessible to small and medium enterprises.

Source: WA Government