DOT Downlights Endeavour to Better the Best With New LED Engineering

Pioneering the lighting industry with state-of-the-art LED technology, DOT Downlights, a part of the Pierlite portfolio, launches a new league of lighting with the KIMBAL engineered range.

With over 40 years in the lighting industry, DOT Downlights, a New Zealand-based brand under the Pierlite portfolio, has entered a new league of engineering with the launch of its KIMBAL series of luminaires for commercial, health and retail applications. Offering stylish and adjustable forward-thinking luminaire design, the collection features four distinct lighting solutions; fixed and adjustable recessed downlights, surface mounted downlights and spot lights.

The result of over a decade of research and development, the KIMBAL engineered range offers an impressive level of sophistication and technology in its sector. With a view to better the best, the DOT Downlights’ design team committed to a ‘second to none’ philosophy. Incorporating only the best in chassis component materials, LED light sources, electronics, sustainability and ease of installation, the KIMBAL engineered range offers a comprehensive, elegant and functional solution.

“Our ongoing commitment to quality throughout design, development and production remains evident across the KIMBAL engineered range, showcased in its construction and ease of installation, advanced glare-control technology and visual comfort, aesthetics and performance,” said Paul Austin, GM of DOT Downlights.

“The KIMBAL engineered range encompasses advanced LED technology, increased environmental consideration and seamless design. For example, the Adjustable Recessed KA6 series features an exclusive heatsink to assist in lifespan, optional remote blue-tooth-compatible multi-wattage drivers and a tool-free mounting system. Alternatively, the Surface Mounted Series features unique architectural details and flexibility. Offering design-freedom in all ceiling structures, it can be surface mounted, tube suspended or cable suspended.”

Helping to achieve the balance of performance, design and energy efficiency required in commercial use, DOT Downlights takes its responsibility to the progression of the industry, communities and future generations seriously. Ensuring the element of sustainability, the KIMBAL engineered range is available in 3500K, specifically to comply with 2020 J6 regulations, and every element of the KIMBAL engineered chassis is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. It is designed to enable replacement of LED light sources and electronic control gear to uptake future technology advances or at end of life. The KIMBAL engineered range boasts significant lifetime characteristics and a 20-year chassis warranty to challenge industry benchmarks.

Established in 1972 by Frank Austin, Nimbus Lighting, the producer of DOT Downlights, has evolved significantly in response to technological advances and through the encouragement of feedback from stakeholders, including developers, electrical contractors, lighting designers and distributors.

Introducing the first LED to its range 10 years ago, DOT Downlights developed the platforms equipped to house the technology for almost a dozen unique solutions, and has gained industry-wide recognition with nine luminaire design awards. Like the LED technology it encompasses, DOT Downlights continues to provide premium quality lighting products, endeavouring to better the best in the industry.

The KIMBAL engineered range has been independently tested and is compliant with current Australian and New Zealand standards. It has undergone Photometric testing, with supporting documentation available for review, including IES Files, Revit Files, LM80 Test report, LM79 Test Reports and a Website Configurator.

Source: Pierlite