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Winter is coming, but lawn neglect puts you at a stark disadvantage

Spring might be the season of mowing, maintenance and mulching, but according the Gold Coast’s Plant Doctor, winter is just as important for green lawns and gardens.

Plant Doctor owner and Managing Director Adam Fitzhenry says not caring for lawns and gardens during autumn and winter is a common myth.

“Most people believe that everything in the yard is dormant during winter, and while this is true for some areas in Australia, most regions don’t get cold enough for this to happen,” says Mr Fitzhenry.

“This is why plants, lawns and soil microbes still need feeding and nourishment to ensure they remain healthy.

“Our lawns, gardens and the soil beneath them are alive and growing and while this winds down somewhat during the cooler months, just like anything living, they need nutrients to thrive.

“Feeding soil throughout the year will help everything cope with the high temperatures of summer, drought conditions and the rainy seasons.

“People who continue conditioning their soil during the cooler months will notice their plants and lawns will show a higher resistance to disease, pest attacks and will be less affected by heat and cold stress.”

Winter lawn maintenance is as simple as applying you chosen products, using the same application rates, but halving the frequency of fertilising your lawns and gardens.

“Where you’d be applying fertiliser fortnightly in the summer, apply monthly, or for those of you who love getting out in the garden, keep the same frequency and apply half the amount of product,” he says.

Plant Doctor is a Gold Coast-based company that supply exceptional earth-friendly products to help plants, animals and people grow.

Source: Plant Doctor