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Your hands-on guide for getting down and dirty

Fresh Autumnal weather provides ideal temperatures for working in the garden. On top of this, by putting in time and effort now, not only will it look neat and tidy throughout the winter months, you’ll have a head start for the main spring clean.

By using the right tool for specific jobs, you can also save yourself some serious time and effort. Here is our definitive guide to a decent yard tidy up in four easy steps:

1. Clear the debris. If your garden is very green then chances are you’ll spend a lot time raking up leaves, which can fall on many different surfaces – Cyclone’s Super Rake works wonders for raking leaves, sand and lawn clippings on broad paths, gravel and paved areas. Plus it’s lightweight with a long handle so it’s easier on your back. Then just flip the rake around so it doubles as a scraper for levelling sand or topsoil.

It’s important to remove fallen leaves from the lawn as soon as possible as leaves can become wet from rain and morning dew, stick together, and form a thick layer that will suffocate the grass and breed fungal diseases. These leaves can also be composted so a heavy-duty garden bag, such as the Mr. Tidy Jumbo bag with 730L capacity, is ideal for collecting any foliage waste.

2. During summer a garden can experience a lot of growth, so now is the time to prune any excess vegetation, and dead or damaged branches and flowers. Pruning also helps to promote new growth, more flowering and fruit, as well as create shapely, attractive plants. It also helps allow more light into the garden during winter.

As a general rule don’t cut more than a third off a plant. The Cyclone Bypass Ratchet Lopper with Telescopic Handles is ideal for those difficult branches that require extra reach and cutting power, and its specialist ratchet cutting mechanism reduces fatigue.

3. Feed and tidy lawns, borders and garden beds – including getting on top of weeds so they’ll be less trouble come spring. Use mulch to protect plants over winter, this limits weed growth, improves soil structure and shields from cold temperatures. For this you’re better off using a more heavy-duty tool such as the Trojan Landscaper’s Rake. It is ideal for spreading mulch and top soil as well as using on stones, as the 90 degree angle on the head gives the tool extra strength for those tougher jobs.

4. Autumn is a great time for planting because the air is humid and soil is moist, and it gives the plant a head start coming into winter. Before planting, consider the layout of your garden, as a good garden starts with a good design. Planting a tree or bulbs in the right spot where they get the best possible growing conditions means you can have a highly productive garden with a lot less work and a garden overflowing with colour.

Correctly choosing and using shovels in the garden is important. Choosing the right type of shovel for the job will help you work more effectively and avoid injuries. It will also provide better results for your garden. Trojan’s patented PowerStep shovel empowers the user to dig with the full force of their body weight without digging into your foot or slipping thanks to its wider foot tread and steel core for extra strength.

Investing in the garden and lawn can add more than just value to your home. Spending a few hours to spruce up the garden will create an outdoor space that is both bursting with life and a sanctuary for relaxation.

Cyclone, Trojan, and Mr. Tidy garden ranges are available through Bunnings stores nationwide and online.

Source: Cyclone Tools