Ai Group supports first SA Government Budget

“With no new taxes, coupled with the previously-announced reduction in payroll tax for SMEs, the first SA Government’s Budget has ticked a lot of boxes for the State’s manufacturing, construction and associated industries,” Stephen Myatt, Ai Group’s SA Head said.

“The Government’s emphasis on apprenticeships is a welcome priority and the broader issues of skills remains the key issue for industry in South Australia, especially given the significant defence industry pipeline.

“A major issue for industry has been and remains the high cost of energy.

“The rationalisation of industry assistance programs from some thirty down to three broad areas, has our broad support and will require close consultation in its implementation,” Mr Myatt said.

“We are particularly interested in the newly-announced $100 million Economic and Business Growth Fund. If this program enables the State’s industry to better meet the all-important challenges of digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, it would be a very worthwhile initiative,” he said.

Mr Myatt also indicated that Ai Group supported the Government’s initiatives around targeted separation packages in the public sector, the numbers of which are not significantly higher than signalled by the previous Government.

“While 2017’s budget’s anticipated surplus did not materialise, there is no doubt that future budget estimates have been assisted by previously-unbudgeted GST growth. For the budgeted surpluses to be achieved, the Government will also have to deliver on its efficiency targets,” Mr Myatt added.

Source: Ai Group