Permanent solution to rising damp

Aquapol is Australia’s permanent solution to rising damp. Understanding the severity of rising damp in homes and buildings, the Aquapol system is designed to combat moisture by redirecting the flow inside the wall to the basement.

Servicing commercial, heritage, and residential, Aquapol is environmentally-friendly and excellent for those who are looking for a cost-effective solution to their rising damp problem.

Check out what some of their previous customers have to say;

“During our investigations for an alternative solution we were speak to Mr Tee Fouree from Aquapol. Aquapol offers a solution that is far less invasive and considerably more cost effective than other available solutions.”
Kim R. – Salvation Army

“We went ahead and installed the system in our heritage building and the test results came back a year later showing as much as a 72% reduction in the affected areas. We are very impressed with this technology and based on the test results and the thousands of dried out buildings around the world and here in Australia we were glad we made that choice.”
Peter S. – Maitland

“I noticed that salt is evaporating out of the walls which indicates part of the drying out process. By witnessing this I have no doubt the Aquapol device will eradicate all rising damp from my premises.”
Fay P. – Annandale

“The salt is indeed coming up. It was actually a neighbour who noticed the bit outside ….we had told him about the Aquapol device, so as soon as he spotted the salt crystals, he put two and two together.

It also is very noticeably drier down in the basement area of the house, and smells much better.”
Janobai S. – Melbourne

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